class oggm.Centerline(line, dx=None, surface_h=None, orig_head=None)[source]

A Centerline has geometrical and flow rooting properties.

It is instanciated and updated by _join_lines() exclusively

__init__(line, dx=None, surface_h=None, orig_head=None)[source]



__init__(line[, dx, surface_h, orig_head]) Instantiate.
set_apparent_mb(mb) Set the apparent mb and flux for the flowline.
set_flows_to(other[, check_tail, last_point]) Find the closest point in “other” and sets all the corresponding attributes.
set_line(line) Update the Shapely LineString coordinate.


flows_to_indice Indices instead of geometry
inflow_indices Indices instead of geometries
normals List of (n1, n2) normal vectors at each point.
surface_h Needed for overriding later
widths Needed for overriding later